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Sick of getting loads of junk email you have to unsubscribe from? Had enough of SPAM messages? PYPER is the app where you can find and love local businesses, allowing only the ones you choose and love to deal with to send you offers, news, deals and experiences before anyone else.

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Watch this simple video to see how easy it is to connect to the local things you love.

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How much does the app cost to download?

PYPER is free to download.

What is a push notification?

Push notification messages are alerts sent to your smart phone, if you are in an area close to a business you’ve selected, and have chosen to receive push notifications.

Will it cost me money to receive push notifications?

Receipt of notifications will impact a smart phone user’s data plan. Users should refer to their smart phone carrier plan. The cost is minimal.

Is PYPER like a Scoopon or Groupon?

No, these discount Offers often rely on a minimum number of purchases before the Deal is activated. Any Offer sent by PYPER is available at that very moment for you to take up.

Am I going to get sent a whole bunch of alerts I am not interested in?

No, PYPER enables you to set your personal preferences, and to turn alerts on and off based on when you want to receive them and where you are.

If I am a Business Owner, how can I start using the PYPER App for my business?

Simply click here to visit the myPype Sign Up page and click on the green ‘Business Sign Up’ button to get started. You’ll be connecting to locals who will love your business in no time!


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